This page contains information about a translation patch for Web-based Honkai Impact 3rd visual novels.

All you have to do is to install the WebExtension, enable it and navigate to the novel’s Web page. Hyperlinks to the novels are on the extension’s options page.

The list of chapters will include only those that are translated.

The extension will translate the novels into English, but it can support more languages than just that. If you want to supply a translation into another language, feel free to contact Nekimi by Internet mail.

The extension is a man-in-the-middle that replaces resources fetched by the novel’s game engine and returns files bundled with the extension instead of the ones at the Chinese/Japanese servers. It includes only the necessary files for translation, although one could make the whole thing run offline, too. Such thing will probably be made once the novels become unavailable online.

Installation / Updates

The extension is signed with Mozilla; it will auto-update in Firefox.

Other vendors are being considered. You need to enable developer/debug mode and install it manually for now. You may need to rename the file extension to .zip or extract the files.

Progress / Downloads

version 0.1.0 (Firefox)
Anti-Entropy: Chapter 1, part 3 translated into English.
Anti-Entropy: Chapter 1, part 2 translated into English.
Anti-Entropy: Chapter 1, part 1 translated into English.