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巫姫 (Kanbime)
kami embodiment
REalM /riːm/
Kagomelia, the Non-singing Village
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Kanbime is an embodiment of Fumu-no-Kagomeko, a Fumugami. In English, _ would be called Kagomeko of Unattained Void.

Fumugami – a being who wishes for the peaceful state of void, where nothing bad nor good happens and all is perfectly silent; but the universe wants nothing of the sort. Fumugami’s mind never attains the void it so longs for. External and internal thoughts are constantly attacking its mind, which it once in a while must get rid of; unleash them out. As a result, new things appear within the universe and once again, their actions, their existence, give birth to new wave of thoughts.

Kanbime lives in a place resembling Japanese Shintoistic shrines, located on a forested hill within the town of Kagomelia, also known as the Non-singing Village. The shrine seems to enshrine a source of energy of unknown origin. The residents of Kagomelia seldom, if ever, pay the place a visit.

Because of how she behaves, where she lives and the miko-like clothes that she often wears, villagers ended up calling her Kanbime. She herself does not think she even needs a name.