Chapter 5: Kueea System

_ wanted to be able to pass objects between processes, which Linux or UNIX systems in general have no means to do, so _ started working on a new operating system. Since C++ was not quite right for the task, _ began reimplementing a lot of _ programs in C, redesigning them to work as modules for the operating system.

The biggest problem _ had with C++ is that a lot of code was using templates and there are a lot of implicit functions in C++. _ needed class methods to always be within shared libraries in order to maintain ABI compatibility. There are no such provisions when using C++, because functions may be inlined or created at compilation time.

Since the server _ wrote was becoming obsolete and the new server being a thing of distant future, _ decided to install nginx, write all pages in Markdown and generate them as static files, infuenced by the new trend visible in GitHub Pages and the like. Static files are good because they may be cached. _ set the system so that pages are regenerated at midnight.

The project now focuses on developing Kueea System, which now has a dedicated Web site just for it. All _ personal artism was put under a subdomain associated with _. The content feels to be properly ogranized once again.

The domain name was changed for the fourth time, this time the new name being _ have chosen info because it was cheap and because the goal of the site is providing information.

_ also got _ a Raspberry Pi Zero W as the server device in order to reduce electricity consumption since the most common visitors on the Web site were Web crawlers.

This is where the project is currently at.