Chapter 3: inumi network

One of the features that _ wanted the lyrics database to have was easy browsing and the ability to find songs via various criteria. Because _ was focusing on Japanese animation and games, the database started to include information outside the scope of lyrics.

In Japan, there is a ‘media mix’ market, where works are created in one medium and then adapted into novels, comics, video games and others. Sometimes an album contains music connected to both games and animation. There are compilation albums. Also, songs are credited as sung by characters, not their voice actors. All this made the database contain quite complex relations.

At one point in time, _ decided to change the direction of _ work from a centralized database system to developing protocols and exchange formats that could be used to share information gathered by various databases on the Internet. For , the value of a database Web site does not lie in the information, but rather in the community of people that gathered around it.

wanted to introduce a system that would separate communities from the information gathered by them. Communities would be separate but information gathered by them shared, so that when one community add information like the name of a new episode, this information is then shared with other alike communities, because such information is public knowledge and does not belong to any particular community.

This led to a change in plans and moving the site under domain. The focus was now on what _ called the ‘inumi network.’

Since _ was using XHTML at the time, _ decided to base the format on [XML]. Many months and years passed as _ tried to come up with a good enough schema. One day, a visitor to dev(b)log, that quite oftern commented, mentioned the Resource Description Framework technology.

At first, _ thought that XML would be better, because _ wanted strict conformance with the syntax and schema, but later realized that if _ want the information to form an open graph, the approach used by RDF is the only way _ can achieve required properties. The problem _ had was that in RDF Schema classes are inferred from the relations between resources. _ wanted the relations and values to be strictly pre-defined, but that was against the openess of the graph structure.

Most of the time _ the site was under _ had spent learning about RDF and Web Ontology Language, and trying to establish a good enough vocabulary to be used within the system.

While at it, _ also started trying to write a novel, which _ failed at. _ wrote it because _ liked to draw characters and _ wanted to have _ own. _ started thinking up characters based on what _ was doing, and tried to envision a universe to put them in. This, coupled with the chaos within _ mind, led to yet another change.