Chapter 1: Golden Sun fansite

In around Gregorian year , after being taught the basics of HTML 4.01, _ decided to create a Web site and put it on World Wide Web. _ used a random free hosting service and built a Web site about the video game _ liked the most at the time. This game was Golden Sun by CAMELOT for Game Boy Advance.

_ knew no one of similar age that _ could talk with about the game. _ thought that by putting a Web site on the public Internet, _ might be contacted by someone else interested in the game and maybe talk about it, create the site together, or something. Now that _ reminisce about it, there might not have been any contact information on the site.

The site was made of a set of static pages that referenced each other. It used tables and framesets for its layout. There is no preserved data of this site unless Wayback Machine has it, although _ do not remember what domain name it had anyway. It was simple and contained various graphics related to the game, there was a vertical menu, character information, some tips, maybe something else, too. _ do not remember what actually was on the site. …Where did _ get the graphics from?

If _ memory is correct, the Web site was built on a personal computer _ had at home. It had a Pentium® processor of 200 megahertz without MMX™ technology, 16 mebibytes of random access memory and was using Microsoft’s Windows 95 as its operating system. The hard disk drive had 1.2 gigabytes of space. _ had no Internet access at home. _ wonder when and how did _ upload the site.

As _ browsed the Web, _ noticed other Web sites about Japanese role-playing games. At first, _ thought of competing with them, but _ ultimately decided it is a better idea to stop creating _ site and instead submit articles to an existing one. The project was dropped.