The Web site you currently read is a result of years of work.

_ met with devices known as personal computers early in _ life on Earth. What has attracted _ to computers was the variety of uses the device has. It can play music. It can show static and moving pictures. One can use it to create and print documents on paper. It can be used for mathematical calculations. It can be used to play video games. And, of course, there is the network created by connecting these machines together — the Internet.

One person, whose name _ decided to conceal, because it is of no importance, showed _ World Wide Web and a Web browser when he invited _ to his home. _ did not like one bit the way he used the connection—but the content, seemingly coming out of nowhere, through a telephone line connected to a dial-up modem—intrigued _ a lot. _ do not remember how it happened, but _ was teached basics of HTML 4.01 by this person.

Since _ could not find or befriend anyone with similiar interests, _ decided to create a Web site in order to create a point of contact, to show others what _ like and do. Then maybe someone, out there, somewhere, on the other side, would respond. Someone alike, who—like _—struggles to find their group, their place for oneself within the vast world we are destined to live in.

At first, _ probably did not realize what made _ do it. _ was a young human back then. It is today that _ can say this was the reason, looking back. _ cannot help but conclude that _ am mentally ill. Comparing _ to others, _ am different. _ very faintly feel emotions that make _ want to act and live. At the same time, _ do not want to die. It is this state of emptiness and void that _ wanted to talk with others about, in order to learn about _ and understand _ better.

Unfortunately, human beings seem to lack epathy and understanding of another. People differing mentally are either funny or seem like danger. At least, this is what _ have learnt by living on Earth. Quite often _ was asked the question: ‘What’s wrong?’ If _ knew what is wrong, _ would not be standing still and thinking, but instead do something to remedy the situation. No one is born with the knowledge of what illness had befallen upon them. Some people seem to believe all problems humans may have are external.

After years of using World Wide Web and iterating _ with Web sites, one important thing become apparent to _ and _ would like to share it with anyone that thinks of creating their own Web site. If there is no one around you interested in Web sites or the content you would like to put on it, then stop right there! You may create a Web site, like _ did, but the reality is that Web content needs to be promoted in order to gain any readers or users. This means that you need to know your audience before you start. Otherwise, you will end up with a Web site no one knows about. Economically, this is nothing but a waste of time and energy. You are also prone to learn things no one on the market needs. Keep it in mind.

_ do not know of anyone that would honestly be interesed in what _ do. Sometimes, _ find a site whose users seem like they might be, but as _ learn more about them, it becomes apparent that they don’t. People _ am looking for probably simply do not use World Wide Web actively, and it is why _ cannot find them anywhere within this ‘complex series of tubes.’

_ did a personality test once. On the results page was information that population of people with similar results is around 1%. It seems people like _ are on the verge of extinction.