en@documents: update to rdg-framework

- Renamed "RDGN registry" to "RDGN Collector".
- Added "Security considerations" section.

update style script

- Added a default marker for the options. - Changed 'Active' to 'Current'.

server config update

Redirects were wrong for video games.
Pages were inaccessible. My bad.

Removed all permanent redirects.
Crawlers hopefully have updated their data already.

add style for disabled buttons

styles: v0 script update

Made the buttons change depending on which style is set.
Przyciski zmieniają się w zależności od wybranego stylu.

style script fixed

script fix?


Jeden przysik był po angielsku zamiast po polsku.

update style scripts

en@site: update main menu

news: update style

update news page

update targets

add targets file to neK.dst

update for neK.gitlog

en@notebook: new entry

Note about system development.